We serve your

ventilation design

needs no matter your


From the US to Russia, the Middle East to small town Wisconsin, Dr. Rooker will meet your ventilation needs.

Just starting a ventilation project?  Asking for advice and help with the design?  Need to audit an existing system?

If this is the case, your operation is probably finding that most fan salesmen are bias to their own products and ideas for their use.

Sweep away the bias and let Dr. Rooker, a non-bias third party consultant, help you analyze your system and design a unique ventilation plan tailored to your EXACT needs.

Dr. Rooker will seek to optimize the return you get on your investment.  By focusing in on what is best for your facility and NOT how much product he wants to sell to you,  Dr. Rooker is able to design the ideal system for your animals and system.

From positive pressure tubes to wind tunnel audits and new or existing barn retrofits we can help find a ventilation solution for your dairy.

Our comprehensive all-inclusive ventilation plan prices include on-site or virtual evaluations, digital ventilation mapping, blueprinting and complete system quote generation.

You can trust Dairy Doctors to provide you a complete solution to your ventilation problems.  From a fan free, stale ammonia filled barn to a refreshingly fresh, well ventilated, animal friendly environment Dairy Doctors will stick with you until each fan is installed and you are fully satisfied with the results.

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