Each Doctor is trained in pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sexing, and diagnosis of reproductive tract anomalies via Ultra Sound.

Reproductive Ultrasound

Reproductive ultrasound is a tool available to dairy practitioners to improve reproductive performance. Ultrasound evaluates:

    • Early Pregnancy Detection
    • Fetal sex determination
    • Evaluate for Twins
    • Evaluate for pyometras
    • Evaluate for cystic ovaries
    • Assess the potential of embryo donors and recipients

Reproductive ultrasound in the dairy industry is most often thought of as a means of early pregnancy diagnosis. In addition, ultrasound has the advantage over rectal palpation in being able to completely assess ovarian structures and better predict when cows fall into an “optimum” period to initiate or continue with a synchronization program. Combining the accuracy of ultrasound with the most up to date information concerning synchronization programs, we can work together to maximize your reproductive success.

Ultrasound also allows us to determine the fetal sex of the calf. By evaluating the animal at 60 to 75 days of gestation the sex of the calf can be identified as an aid in helping you determine the management of the pregnant animal. We also use ultrasound to evaluate for twins, pyometras (puss in the uterus), cystic ovaries, and to assess the potential of embryo donors and recipients.