• Does it detect subclinical pneumonia and lung damage?
  • Does it maximize antibiotic use by treating early in the course of disease?
  • Does it facilitate cleaner lungs at weaning, reducing post-wean slumps for a smoother transition?
  • Does it help protect genetic potential, including fertility, survivability, and production?
  • Does it include consultation of nutrition, scours, and growth performance?

Dairy Doctors Calf Health with Lung Ultrasound Maximizes Return on Investment to Protect Her Future, Your Investment, and The Bottom Line

Dairy producers understand the financial investment that raising quality replacements can incur on the operating cost of their business. The health and growth of pre-weaned calves remain the keystone to a solid foundation of dairy replacements. Strategic utilization of lung ultrasound in pre-weaned calves can help protect your investment to ensure that the most vulnerable animals on your operation receive the best individualized and herd-level care to reach their peak potential.

Utilizing portable ultrasound, a Dairy Doctor can look inside the chest of calves to evaluate the lung health in susceptible calves. Used as a calf-side screening test, calves are scanned at strategic frequencies and ages to detect those with subclinical respiratory disease, in turn allowing for early detection and increased treatment success.