Core Vet. Services

Reproductive US

    • Each Doctor is trained in pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sexing, and diagnosis of reproductive tract anomalies via Ultra Sound

Emergency Services

    • 24 hour 365 days a year a Dairy Doctor is just a call away

Individual Care

    • No matter how large the herd, our clients value the welfare of each individual on the farm. When one of your animals is not at her best, we offer individual wellness exams and treatments as the need arises.

Surgical Services

    • Abdominal Surgery
    • Umbilical Hernia Surgery
    • Cecal Torsion
    • Cesarean Section
    • Caslick’s Surgery
    • Urethral Extension Surgery
    • Cosmetic Dehorning
    • Hock Surgery
    • Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

Laboratory Services

    • Total Proteins
    • Fecal Samples
    • Blood Chemistry
    • Milk Cultures (See Milk Quality Services

Advanced Veterinary Services

Protocol Development

    • Prevention is key for our clients and patients. With that in mind, we partner with dairy farmers to develop, implement, and monitor protocols for disease detection, treatment, and animal well-being.

Lung Ultra Sound

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Advanced Reproductive Solutions

    • Utilizing an American Embryo Transfer Society Veterinarian with over 15 years of embryo transfer experience to help you amplify the genetic merit of your herd. with link to separate page
    • Breeding Soundness exams for one or fifty bulls. Dairy Doctors is ready to evaluate the potential of your next sire.

Facility Consulting

    • From blank slate construction to retrofit projects the team at Dairy Doctors has served as an unbiased and independent voice for all stages of dairy improvement. Thinking of making changes to your dairy? Give us a call.

Milk Quality

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Ventilation Consulting

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Colostrum Program

    • Giving your calf the best chance at a healthy and productive life is goal number one of our colostrum monitoring program.
    • A Dairy Doctors team member will monitor and benchmark the success of your colostrum program by utilizing total blood proteins and colostrum culturing. Receive timely information designed to ensure that your valuable calves can reach their potential.